I havent posted for a while as I’ve been bringing everything together that I’d been working on since the beginning.  So the chassis, front gearbox, rear gearbox, rear stabiliser, rear wishbones and rear wheel hubs are together…and man does she look sweeeeeeeeeeeet! I think the thing that pips it for me so far are those blue ended adjusters, ooooh momma those things just scream Egress to me, I bloomin loved popping those on.

And now, after all this time, I’ve now confirmed that this started life as an Avante 2001 (he sobs).  I’ve only now learnt about the carbon fibre/FRP chassis difference of the Avante 2001 and the Egress…and she came with an FRP one, the final nail in the coffin to confirm how she started out in life.  And to make matters worse, the new chassis I bought was obviously the FRP one too, so while she looks shiny and new, she isnt going to be 100% Egress.  But what the hell, I’ve enjoyed this process more than you could possibly imagine.

Actually, to break it down, she really is a total hybrid…

  • Avante 2001 chassis
  • Avante 2011 plasitc parts
  • Egress Gears
  • Avante 2001 front diff
  • Egress front and rear wishbones
  • Vanquish motor plate
  • Vanquish screws

Hmmm, she’s no pedigree lol.