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10 Dec

Egress Shock and Tower Scuff Plates

Hey Guys,

As I’m drawing ever closer to the finished car, its dawned on me how scared I am of brutalising this thing. And it dawned on me, the only part of the car that is susceptible to bad scuffs is the front shock tower and shocks. Which got me to thinking about how I could protect them. And I had a brainwave, albeit a slightly ugly brainwave.

This design screws into place without any modification (bar the need for a slightly longer screw on each mount) and would totally protect those lovely shocks and that shiny carbon. Only thing now, is how in hell do I make them? Any metal workers out there that fancy a little challenge, hit me up :)


9 Dec

Tamiya Egress 2013 Re-release Build Pt3

Hey Everyone!

Ok, so time has been against me, work, life and an Xbox One and PS4 have been vying for my time ;)

Anyway, last night and my lunch break today gave a good window to chew through most of the remaining build, read on!

First off, the new front lower shock mount design. This is what has replaced the BF8/BF9 design, which has annoyed and pleased many folks. It was an iconic design, which is something that people feel should have stayed, but in reality, it was rather weak and this new design is super strong in comparison.



And the two wishbones fitted, nothing new to report here…move along…


These are the new drive shafts that I forgot to photograph when building the rear end, so here are the font ones for you to look over. 100% new over the original design, but they do feel pretty sturdy. Bit of a PITA to make as they don’t come constructed, you have to build them yourself and use that horrid silver, sticky anti-wear grease. I hate that stuff ;)


PHWOAR! Here’s the new golden bling! Don’t they look lovely! And just to note, the only thing that is original to the vintage car here is the plastic knuckles. Everything else is new pretty much.


More gold porn…


Fitted and looking loooooooooooovely.


And again…


And here’s is the new front shock tower, super thick, super strong. I like this a lot!


An Egress is appearing, but not as we know it!


Nice new steering system built and fitted. This is very much like the original, only the materials and one screw design is different here.


The moment I have personally been waiting for, the bloody gorgous matt gold springed shocks! These are SOOOOO stunning! Lets slap’em on this beauty!


Actually some more close up action first…


FITTED! God damn this car is looking so, so sexy! What a beaut!


Nice close up of the front end to see all the new details…


And a close up of the rear end with the classic high lift wing mount. Iconic design!


And another…


And one more for good measure!


Next is the servo mounting, wheels, tyres and electrics installation. BRING IT ON!




27 Nov

Tamiya Egress 2013 Re-release Build Pt2

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been getting loads of great feedback about this build, glad you’re all enjoying it! I certainly am ;)

Ok, build part 2…

So, first up was the spur gear and torque splitter set up. I opted for the torque splitter due to going brushless, but not being great with this modern technical lark, I’m hoping that’s the best move. There were a couple of new bits used in this over the original, namely the rubber end seen here. Sure feels nice fitting this together.


Installed and ready for the gearbox cover. I had to reverse the pinion gear here as when installed the way Tamiya advised, it was only getting traction with 50% of the spur. But I’m guessing that advice was based around Tamiya motors. Loads of grease again due to going brushless.


Onto the rear sway bar. Well, I can officially say that this is the first time I’ve built one of these and NOT had to get the Autosol/Peak on it. Nice and shiny, nice and new :)


Fitted and looking more and more like an Egress with every step.


Little close up…


And a booty shot…


The last gear assembly for the rear gearbox. No change here, all as original.


Rear gearbox casing fitted. Note to all Egress newbies, DON’T over-tighten the screw closest to the motor as it cracks the casing. This is something you find on about 70% of vintage models.


Another angle of the fitted cover…


Onto the rear swing arms (is that the right name? Not sure). They feel bulletproof now. Nice work Tamiya.


This completely new design is fantastic! The vintage one was quite weak, but this is great. A flat headed screw comes in from the other side of the arm, through a chunky spacer and then into this ball end. Its ROCK solid, well impressed.


Now, word of warning folks. THIS WAS A COMPLETE BASTARD. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be here all day, all night and for the rest of your life trying to slide those demonic little spacers in. Basically, its too tight as they are microscopically bigger than the vintage ones. Stronger, but slightly bigger. I spent 20 mins trying to squeeze one in…every time it popped out and hit the floor, grrrr. I resorted to loosening the rear gearbox cover a few turns to give a few mm play in the top deck. With that done, they slid in as easily as the vintage ones. Just remember to tighten those screws back up after!


Another angle…again…Gotta say, feels like its built like a tank.


And another angle…


Close up of the new braces taken from the 2001. Great addition Mr Tamiya! A couple of new spacers in there too, all very nice.


Close up again…


And another angle…


I forgot to photograph the drive shafts as I made them, oops. They’re all new too, every last element of them, as are these looooovely new hubs. Light as a feather these!


Rear adjustable arms made and fitted. Again, feel totally rock solid.


And to finish for tonight, the all new thick, carbon rear shock mount. Feels like I could slam this into a wall and it’d not flinch. So well built.


Somebody asked either via email, Tamiya Club or a comment (cant remember which) if I’d sealed the chassis, the answer is yes, both decs, chassis spacers and shock mounts. I just use Humbrol instant cement and a fine modelling brush. Seems to work for me.

Ok that’s it for today! More to come soon.


25 Nov

Tamiya Egress 2013 Re-release Build Pt1

Hey Everyone,

So between work, and family, starting this has been a challenge…but last night I got a 3hr window all to myself and guess what…the Xbox One got pushed to one side…to make way for the Egress!

What I will say before going any further is WOW, building this puppy is literally a dream come true and you know what, it lives up to my expectations in every way. All in all, across my 3 vintage Egress’s and my 4 Avante 2001’s, you’d think building this chassis would feel boring now right? Not a chance. Building this from new is so unbelievably rewarding its hard to put into words.

Tamiya always do a pretty top job with their kits, but this baby just slots together perfectly, a really masterfully made kit.

Ok, onto the build…


Opening this box is rush, as I’ve been dreaming of opening a NIB Egress for about 25 years now…oh momma!


With the box open, it was time to open up those crispy fresh instructions and start building the best RC car that Tamiya ever made!


First up was the rear gearbox casing. First thing I noticed were some new screw styles and the addition of the foam padding. If you can find me a classic that’s been run and DOESN’T have any wear in that spot, I’ll be amazed. Nice move Tamiya, these Egress’s will retain shiny gearbox plates forever more!


Now, being a daring soul, I decided to go all modern and use a brushless set up for this Egress. I’ve done this mainly for great run times, as I intend to dial back the power on this 9T bad boy as I don’t want to be buying tires after every run or melting my gearbox ;) My Spektrum DX3 has all kinds of settings so I think I can reduce the max power output that way. Oh and yes, idiot here used the wrong screws on the motor mount, I realised this once I’d got a few steps later down. You need the tiny stubby ones here!


Phwoar! Box fresh carbon chassis! All my vintages have some degree of wear here and there, so seeing a clean, fresh new plate like this was rather special…it’s going to be dirty soon so I’m going to enjoy this while I can! Again, everything is slotting/screwing together like a charm. Top job Tamiya!


Onto the front gearbox, nothing new to report here, but again, its damn nice to be building this from scratch and not soaking each of these pieces and scrubbing them clean ;)


Mounting the front geabox was a dream, nice and easy. Its already looking sexy!


Front diff together. If you’re new to building cars like this, here’s one HANDY tip. Make sure you put a nice fat blob of diff grease in the whole where each tiny bearing is to be dropped in…why?…well, you ARE going to drop one, or two, or three while doing this, so it makes life a lot easier if there is a blob of grease in place to catch them as they drop. Also, make sure you have a clear open space when doing this bit, as when a ball bearing brakes loose, its near impossible to find if your build space isn’t super clean.


Now, this bit is a seriously intricate bit. These bearings look big right? Wrong, I’m zoomed in. These little spawns of Satan are crumb sized. Drop one and its gone forever. The end.

Tamiya advises you to put some anti-wear grease on the washer…sod that…pile it on! You need a good thick cushion of the stuff as if you have even remotely adult hands/fingers, you can barely feel these bearings, never mind skilfully guide where they are going. Slap a load of grease on, and drop each one on. Once all on, use a toothpick to adjust their positioning. And once that’s done, slap some more grease on the underside of the top washer and make a bearing sandwich. Just be careful that none of the bearings push out as you squeeze the two washers together. I then used my finger to smooth the excess grease around the bearings for an additional level of security.


Both front and back diffs together. They just need tightening to finish.


Awwww what a lovely couple. The two finished diff’s all built and complete. These are quite different from the vintage diff’s, almost all the parts bar the plastic gears are new, but man, they feel like they are made from adamantium, so I doubt they’re going to wear any time soon.


I know this sounds sad, but seeing a minty fresh rear gearbox enclosure like this is heart-warming. You beauty.


And the same again at the front. And yes, I went to town on the grease as I’m going brushless…I don’t want to melt these little lovelies.


And the last step for tonight is closing those finalised gearboxes. Another thing worth mentioning is how perfectly the plastics are cast. That rear gearbox plate just dropped in place to a perfectly snug fit. Serious quality.

More to come tomorrow!




17 Sep

Egress Re-Release footage!

Oh my god! She’s a beauty! Just found this Tokyo Hobby Show footage on YouTube…

16 Sep

Egress Re-Release 2013 First Pictures!

Yey, the official Tamiya product shot has been released and boy does she look stunning!


The first thing any keen eye’d folks will notice is that the classic front shock set up has gone. So no more BF8 and BF9 parts! And in doing this, they have also changed the shock mount to accommodate the difference in height too. Hmm, I’m unsure if this is a good change or not. The shock mount was a defining feature that every Egress fan on earth knew and loved. But hey, these are going to be runners, not shelfers. So I’m guessing Tamiya have adjusted this to make it run/handle better. Visually it makes the Egress look more low down, more streamlined for speed, but I personally prefer the tall look she had originally.

You’ll also notice no blue rod ends…NO BLUE ROD ENDS! This again was a defining feature that always looked sweeeet on the vintage model. BUT, there is a valid reason for this. If you look at the front hubs, gone are the weak old matt grey ones in place of their re-designed rock solid gold ones from the last Avante RE-RE. I personally think these looks STUNNING. Now, anyone with an eye for colour co-ordination will notice that gold and blue really don’t work together, so this explains dropping the blue rod ends and I can live with that :) I actually prefer this look…by quite an extent.

And last but not least, the typography on the Tamiya logo (sides of the car) has changed to the new version.  Again, not fussed personally, it only helps keep the value of the original decal sheets in tact.


Tokyo Hobby Show Shots:

These just in are courtesy of Tamiya Blog and go on to detail the new front shock mount in close up…it looks A LOT stronger than the original, so for running, this gets a big thumbs up from me.


The Egress in all her gold hubbed beauty!


And the classic Egress carbon chassis, as sexy as ever before.





30 Aug

The Egress is Getting Re-Released in 2013


Yep, you read it right, its been confirmed on Tamiya Blog that THE greatest (obviously a biased opinion) Tamiya RC buggy ever to be made is FINALLY getting re-released! Yahooooooooooooo! It was confirmed by Tamiya at the Tokyo Hobby Show recently!

This certainly wont be a cheap kit, and I’m guessing it’ll be tipping the $500 mark based on the Avante Black Special pricing, so start saving Egress fans as you’re gonna need two :) One for the shelf and one for bashing!

There’s a big discussion on this over on Tamiya Blog, so pop over and join the chatter if you like!

Watch this space for more info and the obvious pics when this beauty ships and lands in my loving arms!



18 Apr

The Finished Egress!

Hey Everyone. Well, its been a long time coming, but today I finally took some shots of the finished article, and I have to say I’m over the moon with the final result. She’s a beauty!






My next aim is to post up some photo’s of my entire and now rather extensive Egress/Avante 2001 collection…I’ve been busy ;)

Hope you enjoyed the ride, this has to be the most in depth online Egress resto there is ;)



28 Mar

BF8 (4305247) & BF9 (4305246) Front Damper Mounts!!

Ooooooooh momma, they’re here!  The rarest parts of the Tamiya Egress are here, fitted and looking TOTALLY awesome…she’s completed! Well, the chassis is completed, but by the Gods that’s a great feeling, and its taken just over 3 months to do it, fantastic!

So, I’ve had a few mails regarding the BF8 (4305247)  & BF9 (4305246) front damper mounts, so before I go on, take a look at the photos’s below, you’ll see my lovely new mounts fitted and looking pretty darn amazing.

Now here comes the big announcement.  These mounts have (no surprise) cost me a small fortune, but not for the reasons you think.  I decided to take a leap of faith and looked into the feasibility of getting them reproduced at a local steel working company…which turned out to be pricey, but just about doable.  The only caveat to that, was that I would need to sell quite a few of them to make my money back.  I’m hoping that this isnt going to be toooooooo hard, as I know folks out there really want these, so hopefully I can shift a few sets on eBay and at least cover my costs.  As you’ll see that they’re as near as dammit to the originals.  There are a couple of microscopic differences to the originals, but I only spot these differences as I have an original set on another Egress to compare them too…and I’m a perfectionist, so I spot everything.  But once mounted, man, you’d never know.

Take a look at the comparisons below:

So please bear with me while the rest are made and when they are, I’ll post them up on here with a link to eBay.  And dont worry, I’m not going to try and shaft everyone with these, I’m simply going to be asking for £8.99 per pair with free shipping.  Which isnt bad to say the originals go for SILLY money when they appear on eBay.  I think the last one I saw was just BF8 and it went for over £30!!!  Crazy.

18 Mar

Wheels on!

She’s ALMOST there now! I was waiting for some 3mm spacers for the upper front shock mounts and a metal wheel hub, which have now arrived!  So the only thing that this chassis is missing now is the lower front shock mounts, which will be here next week, wahoooooo!  Oh yeah, and the bodyshell and decals of course ;)

As you’ll see from the photos she’s resting her lower shocker arms on the wishbones, but for the shots, that’ll do nicely.  You’ll also spot that she’s sporting the closest thing to an old school Dynatech I’m willing to pay for, a Sport Tuned motor! Looks beautiful and I can almost convince myself that its a Dynatech ;)  And lastly, look at those beautiful front springs! Oooh momma they’re pretty.  They’re microscopically thicker, and wound up tighter than the originals, but the colour is a perfect match! Nice!

I’ll keep you posted on the BF9 lower shock mounts when all 70 of them turn up :)