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18 Mar

Wheels on!

She’s ALMOST there now! I was waiting for some 3mm spacers for the upper front shock mounts and a metal wheel hub, which have now arrived!  So the only thing that this chassis is missing now is the lower front shock mounts, which will be here next week, wahoooooo!  Oh yeah, and the bodyshell and decals of course ;)

As you’ll see from the photos she’s resting her lower shocker arms on the wishbones, but for the shots, that’ll do nicely.  You’ll also spot that she’s sporting the closest thing to an old school Dynatech I’m willing to pay for, a Sport Tuned motor! Looks beautiful and I can almost convince myself that its a Dynatech ;)  And lastly, look at those beautiful front springs! Oooh momma they’re pretty.  They’re microscopically thicker, and wound up tighter than the originals, but the colour is a perfect match! Nice!

I’ll keep you posted on the BF9 lower shock mounts when all 70 of them turn up :)

16 Mar

The Chassis is Almost Complete

I’ve been rather busy since my last post and should have done a few in-between steps really, but I got carried away ;)

Since the last post I’ve almost completed the chassis! And found a out a few handy things regarding hard to find parts too.  Firstly, take a peek at where she is now…

As you can see, she’s almost done now. Just a few bits left to bolt on.

The font end obviously missing the shockers…and the ever elusive BF9 front damper mounts…but I have some news regarding those! More to follow.

And the all important and equally rare, rear wing mount.

So, which parts have I found that are rare? You’ll notice the rear wing mount is now present which was never on the car originally.  This part is actually a genuine Egress mount, but what I have learned is that the Egress’s rear mount is the same as the Top Force Evo (which I’ve just bought myself, that’s how I found out) with the only difference being that there is no bend in the Top Force version…but a vice and hammer would fix that!  So if you’re on the hunt for a rear wing mount for your Egress, grab a Top Force Evo one and bend it yourself.

Front gold coated springs.  Yep, you cant buy these, anywhere as nobody has them, full stop.  The rears are available on eBay, but not the fronts.  Well, in a run of good luck and some random eBay searching, I found that Tamiya still make some springs in EXACTLY the same off gold colour!! They are slightly different in shape, but colour wise they are a perfect match! Photos to follow.

Aaaaand lastly, the dreaded BF9, damper bag exclusive front shocker mounts.  Well, you look around the web and you’ll see, these are THE rarest parts on the car, but I’ve managed to come across not one set, not two sets, but…35! And now your saying ‘how the hell?’ well, watch this space as I’ll reveal all real soon and will be linking to eBay where you can buy a set.

Ok, that’s all for now.