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16 Jan

Parts Hunt. I’m in Big Trouble!

Now, whomever is reading this will most likely know the Egress, and will be chuckling to themselves after reading my shopping list from the previous post…as that list is like a list of the worlds finest variety of hens teeth.  Yep you guessed it, this car is missing the rarest, and hardest to source parts made for the car.  Arse!

What I have managed to do is win an auction with a bucket load of Egress parts in it. Some I need, some I don’t, but what the hell, it’s been an easy way to grab some fresh pieces.  And after some serious hunting, I fear that some of the previously mentioned parts are going to cost me the earth if and when they arise for sale.

The other major win was the screws.  Most of the ones on this Egress have seen better days, with most of them being totally over tightened and having their heads rounded off.  So rather than spending £10-£15 per screw bag on eBay, I did a little research on the Avante and Vanquish to see which ones had the same screws.  I know, I know, this wouldn’t include titanium ones, but hey, that’s life.  Needless to say, the Vanquish screw bags were about £3 each, so I snapped them all up, only leaving me short of a small handful.

Let’s move on.

10 Jan

The Project Car

Tamiya Egress in full view

I was browsing the latest additions to eBay one night when low and behold an Egress popped up for sale! The photo’s weren’t too great and you couldn’t see much of the car, but it came with 3 bodyshells and an original Egress bodyshell box.  So without wanting to miss this, I dropped the seller an email to see if he had a buy it now in mind.  Luckily for me, he did and we settled on a price within about 15 minutes of email.  Now it was just a case of waiting for the car to arrive!

A few days later a package arrived at the door (which is always exciting)…it was here!  I scrambled to unpack the box and get to my lifelong dream…my Egress.   Needless to say, the initial impact was rather soul destroying, she was a mess, a very big mess.  I’d prepared myself for this as it was a project car, and priced accordingly, but man, it really was a mess.  She’d been ridden hard, raced hard, crashed hard and well, beaten hard.  And the biggest stinker was…it didnt have its original wheels…nooooooooooooooooooooooo.  My over eager purchase was starting to show signs of being a possible mistake.

Take a look at the pictures and say hello to the project car! Here she is in all her not so glorious beauty.  Wow, this is going to take some work!