She’s ALMOST there now! I was waiting for some 3mm spacers for the upper front shock mounts and a metal wheel hub, which have now arrived!  So the only thing that this chassis is missing now is the lower front shock mounts, which will be here next week, wahoooooo!  Oh yeah, and the bodyshell and decals of course ;)

As you’ll see from the photos she’s resting her lower shocker arms on the wishbones, but for the shots, that’ll do nicely.  You’ll also spot that she’s sporting the closest thing to an old school Dynatech I’m willing to pay for, a Sport Tuned motor! Looks beautiful and I can almost convince myself that its a Dynatech ;)  And lastly, look at those beautiful front springs! Oooh momma they’re pretty.  They’re microscopically thicker, and wound up tighter than the originals, but the colour is a perfect match! Nice!

I’ll keep you posted on the BF9 lower shock mounts when all 70 of them turn up :)