Hey Everyone!

I’ve been getting loads of great feedback about this build, glad you’re all enjoying it! I certainly am ;)

Ok, build part 2…

So, first up was the spur gear and torque splitter set up. I opted for the torque splitter due to going brushless, but not being great with this modern technical lark, I’m hoping that’s the best move. There were a couple of new bits used in this over the original, namely the rubber end seen here. Sure feels nice fitting this together.


Installed and ready for the gearbox cover. I had to reverse the pinion gear here as when installed the way Tamiya advised, it was only getting traction with 50% of the spur. But I’m guessing that advice was based around Tamiya motors. Loads of grease again due to going brushless.


Onto the rear sway bar. Well, I can officially say that this is the first time I’ve built one of these and NOT had to get the Autosol/Peak on it. Nice and shiny, nice and new :)


Fitted and looking more and more like an Egress with every step.


Little close up…


And a booty shot…


The last gear assembly for the rear gearbox. No change here, all as original.


Rear gearbox casing fitted. Note to all Egress newbies, DON’T over-tighten the screw closest to the motor as it cracks the casing. This is something you find on about 70% of vintage models.


Another angle of the fitted cover…


Onto the rear swing arms (is that the right name? Not sure). They feel bulletproof now. Nice work Tamiya.


This completely new design is fantastic! The vintage one was quite weak, but this is great. A flat headed screw comes in from the other side of the arm, through a chunky spacer and then into this ball end. Its ROCK solid, well impressed.


Now, word of warning folks. THIS WAS A COMPLETE BASTARD. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be here all day, all night and for the rest of your life trying to slide those demonic little spacers in. Basically, its too tight as they are microscopically bigger than the vintage ones. Stronger, but slightly bigger. I spent 20 mins trying to squeeze one in…every time it popped out and hit the floor, grrrr. I resorted to loosening the rear gearbox cover a few turns to give a few mm play in the top deck. With that done, they slid in as easily as the vintage ones. Just remember to tighten those screws back up after!


Another angle…again…Gotta say, feels like its built like a tank.


And another angle…


Close up of the new braces taken from the 2001. Great addition Mr Tamiya! A couple of new spacers in there too, all very nice.


Close up again…


And another angle…


I forgot to photograph the drive shafts as I made them, oops. They’re all new too, every last element of them, as are these looooovely new hubs. Light as a feather these!


Rear adjustable arms made and fitted. Again, feel totally rock solid.


And to finish for tonight, the all new thick, carbon rear shock mount. Feels like I could slam this into a wall and it’d not flinch. So well built.


Somebody asked either via email, Tamiya Club or a comment (cant remember which) if I’d sealed the chassis, the answer is yes, both decs, chassis spacers and shock mounts. I just use Humbrol instant cement and a fine modelling brush. Seems to work for me.

Ok that’s it for today! More to come soon.