Well, that dastardly spur gear led me on an interesting path of discovery.  It turns out that this spur gear is the one from the Avante 2001! Hmmmmm, seems strange.  My initial thought was that maybe the previous owner had upgraded the Egress to have some of the improved Avante 2001 features, but I’m now thinking that maybe this car is actually an Avante 2001 with Egress bits on it, rather than the other way around.  Hmmmm.  Luckily, in one of the other parts auctions I won, it included the original Egress set up, including the ‘one way’ spur gear bits, so that’s been dropped in instead…and in a total moment of madness, I picked up a full NIP Egress plastic gear set, so the whole caboodle is being replaced with new parts…nice :)